What I do

Interdisciplinary Scholar situated in the web formed by:


Writing for games,game theory, game design, game usability, social elements of gaming, games and collaboration. I do games.

Cultural Rhetoric/Diversity Studies

As one of few mixed-blood Cherokee scholars to study games and digital media, much of my work-- from research to service-- involves diversity and cultural issues.


A born storyteller with degrees in rhetoric, writing, composition and creative writing, I'm usually pretty good with words. Except in little blurbs like this where I have to brag about myself.

Visual Rhetorics

How we see things, and how we represent things, matters. Mascots, models, and manicured social media profiles-- we live in an era where the visual is curated in more dramatic ways than ever before.

Esports & Streaming

As a founder and co-director of the Miami University Varsity Esports Program (the first division one varsity Esports program), I'm at the forefront of collegiate Esports. I've taught classes and been invited to speak by major organizations like the MAC and GDC. I also teach streaming media courses and work closely with Twitch Student.


I teach students by doing. I influence my world by doing. I honor and preserve my past... by doing. On my tombstone decades from now I hope it says "Phill made cool shit."

What students say

Don't take it from me...

Graduating Senior 2017

Miami IMS Major

"Dr. Phill helped me figure how to combine my passion for writing and games and realize I could potentially take a route down that path after school. He introduced me to new ideas and techniques and helped solidify the understanding that no idea is a dumb idea. You can create something great out of the most disillusioned things. He has aided me in reaching my full potential."

A professional writing/IMS double major, Class of '15

now in graduate school!

"The best part about his classes are that he incorporates a level of fun into them that relates to the students. He's also a very open professor, comfortable to be around, and shows concern and interest in how his students are doing in his class. What I have appreciated most from him has been his willingness to help. In my senior year, I expressed to him my plans for going into Game Writing as a career and even though there was a conflict in my schedule that wouldn't allow me to attend the Wednesday classes for ENG 317, he was still willing to go out of his way and create a makeshift hybrid course for me so that I could participate. When I think about a professor that goes above and beyond their responsibilities to their students, he is the one that I think of. This course is very important in regards to my career, and without it, I don't know that I would have a chance in the video game industry. I will never be able to express how grateful I am that he made this happen for me."

A games and writing student

Spring of 2016

" I love this class! I learned so much about writing for games and about games. I've gained so many skills I can use in a variety of
industries, and I loved that through this course I was able to write down and flesh out ideas I've had for years."

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