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Hybrid, Interdiscipinary Scholarship


Writing for games. Games and culture. Game design. Game usability. Game jamming. Board Games. Card games. Video games. Bo knows sports, but Phill knows games.

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As a founder, and the co-director, of the Varsity Miami RedHawks–the first division one varsity Esports program in the world– and the instructor of the first culture/history specific Esports class, Phill rides the cutting edge of Collegiate Esports.

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Cultural Rhetoric

As a mixed-blood Cherokee, Phill utilizes Indigenous cultural understandings as a lens to do rhetorical work.

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Digital Writing/Media Creation

Schooled in digital and visual rhetorics, a life-long comic book fan and pop art fiend, a vicious meme-creator, Phill understands writing as multi-modal and works with everything from visual image editing to streaming video.


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