Day 310: Penta

A few weeks back, I posted a few videos of how to make face graphics for WWE 2K18. Today, instead of posting an extensive discussion, I wanted to show a few of the PNGs I made for my created Penta El Zero M (aka Pentagon Jr.) created wrestler.

The reason the parts might be interesting to see is that you can start to piece together how the whole thing is assembled once you see the parts that go into it. I will say, going into this, that if you play the game, you need to know that you cannot make a 100% accurate Penta because there isn’t a mask with the sides that hang down the way his do. Beyond that, though, with careful tracing and cutting and application, you can do pretty well. I also found someone’s rough creation that had a start on the mask and the tattoos. I ended up reworking the whole mask, but not having to create tattoos from scratch saved me a bunch of time (and some of the mask tricks I saw on the other one were helpful).

Here are the images that go into a single creation:

this is the forehead symbol on his mask. The version I’m creating is this (but with a baggy shirt):

there are two of these, one for each side.

and two of these, one for each side

his paint

A zebra piece– cut round– to stick on the front of the mask

The front of his shirt

and the back

It looks like a bunch of weird pieces, I know, but when used correctly (and with the right colors below them) it should look roughly correct.

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