Day 311: Beautiful Disaster

Today I swapped hosting services. For anyone who has ever left GoDaddy’s hosting, you know this already. For those who don’t…


I mean I’m not uneducated on these practices. I know how to download all the stuff I need that isn’t what I FTPed in, I know how to FTP in and take all my old stuff, I know how to restore it in a new place.

But it’s just taxing, surprisingly less-than-intuitive work. And part of that is becauseĀ  I was doing it during my office hours between drop-ins, but another part of that was that no force on earth can properly recover an FTP password from GoDaddy, so most of this work was done in the shells they offer.

If you’re here to visit my site as a whole– it’s a little effed up right now. I’m working on getting the rest of it fixed. I did this part first so I could do today’s entry. And now… I’m exhausted. But the beat goes on. I’m closing in on 50 days to the end.

Send me your positive vibes as I try to finish moving stuff over.


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