Day 345: The Cold

It’s like supernaturally cold right now. I think this might be true everywhere, but it’s an interesting feeling for me because I’m almost never cold. I’m always too hot. But when I experience time like this, when I’m legitimately cold and uncomfortable, I wonder if it’s like this for other people when it’s just the regular version of cold outside.

I also wonder if the flipside is ever true, and if people ever stop to think about what it does to the person who is always hot when they heat a room to like 75 degrees. During the winter months I often wear shorts to work. It’s not because I want to walk around outside in the cold with my legs exposed; it’s because most academic buildings are way, way too hot for me, and one of the things I’ve always lamented is that while you can add clothing to warm up, it’s pretty hard to remove clothing to cool down in a professional setting.

It often makes me resentful when places are (IMHO) overheated. This weekend, for example, Julie and I went to Ulta before ourĀ  Target run. It was probably 74 degrees in the store (educated guess). That would be fine if you weren’t wearing winter garb, but we were bundled in the clothing we had to wear to survive the frigid temperatures outside. It was uncomfortable. And worse, it made me break a sweat.

The worst thing in the cold is walking outside when you’ve just gotten sweaty.

So normally I just get miffed about the heat. But feeling this sort of “down in the bones” cold, I’m wondering if I might need to lighten up. If other people feel like this when it’s, say, 30 degrees, I have been judging them by the wrong standard.

Also– I might need to buy additional pants if this keeps up. This is no weather for shorts.


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