Day 348: It’s getting a little 41 up in here: a birthday wish list

Hi, all. I decided today to do something really silly and practical but also hilarious in what I might pick– to memorialize the birthday of the Tumblr blog for that class I taught on lists, a top 5 41st birthday gifts list. Anyone reading is welcome to hit me with any of these as gifts. I’m keeping it all in the wheelhouse of “kid stuff” since I’m turning 41 and age is like “what?” 🙂

5. This bonkers $100 resale Skeletor figure. I should have kept on top of it and pre-ordered one, but now they’re super-pricey. After my post the other day, I feel like I should have him, though.

4. Also in the “should have bought it then” collectible pile is this bonkers Hot Toys Snake Eyes figure. I’ve been eBay stalking him for a couple of years, and honestly, I might pull the trigger on this one myself. It’s technically from the movie, but it looks just like my favorite of the Snake Eyes figures I had as a kid.

3. This Switchblade Jay White Kylo Ren figure. It’s just bananas detailed.

2. The cutest Voltron ever. Like seriously– he’s only 4 inches tall, but MY LORD how cute.

And now rollest upon thine drum…

Number one: This reproduction of the now $6K Arthas statue that came out during my WoW research. Even the reproduction is too pricey, but I lusted after the thing while doing my dissertation research. I’m probably going to get an Arthas helmet tattoo at some point this year. I feel like I owe a portion of my career to that game, and Arthas was my boy.

So there’s a bunch of expensive toys I still won’t buy as I turn 41, but it gives you a sense of what my taste is, I suppose. I haven’t made a toy list since I was like 12, so… that was fun.

Tomorrow back to heady topics. Gotta blast out these last 17 posts.


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