Day 352: One more chunk of that Year to Come thing

The last page of that booklet Julie and I filled out last year is a set of six sentences to complete to describe your year. I’m going to do that again, here, now so I can once again be held accountable.

This year I will not procrastinate any more to… going to go with “lose weight” as I did last year. Updates to come.

This year I will draw the most energy from… my students and their optimism.

This year, I will be my bravest when… I am truly worried.

This year, I will say yes when… it is the best choice, not because I hate saying no to people.

This year, I advise myself to… say no more often.

This year will be special for me because… my book comes out and it will be my first year on the tenure track (and clock). The book coming out is a good sign for the second part.


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